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- 2 - <br /> <br />SUMMARY REPORTS FOR MUNICIPALITIES <br />Report <br />This report is a summary of water quality information for the Amherstburg WTP, published in accordance <br />with Schedule 22 of Ontario’s Drinking-Water Systems Regulation for the reporting period of January 1, <br />2010 to December 31, 2010. The Amherstburg WTP is categorized as a Large Municipal Residential <br />Drinking Water System. <br />This report was prepared by The Ontario Clean Water Agency on behalf of The Corporation of the Town of <br />Amherstburg. <br /> <br />Who gets a copy of the Summary Report? <br /> in the case of a drinking-water system owned by a municipality, the members of the municipal <br />council; <br /> in the case of a drinking-water system owned by a municipal service board established under <br />section 195 of the Municipal Act, 2001, the members of the municipal service board; or <br /> in the case of a drinking-water system owned by a corporation, the board of directors of the <br />corporation. <br />What must the Summary Report contain? <br /> The report must, <br /> (a) list the requirements of the Act, the regulations, the system’s approval and any order that the system <br />failed to meet at any time during the period covered by the report and specify the duration of the <br />failure; and <br /> (b) for each failure referred to in clause (a), describe the measures that were taken to correct the failure. <br />The following table 1 lists the requirements that the system failed to meet and the measures taken to correct <br />the failure: <br /> <br />Drinking Water <br />Legislation <br />List the requirement(s) the <br />system failed to meet <br />Specify the <br />duration of the <br />failure (i.e. date(s)) <br />Describe the measures taken <br />to correct the failure <br />Status <br />(complete or <br />outstanding) <br />Safe Drinking <br />Water Act <br />None to report ---------- ---------- ---------- <br />Ontario Regulations <br />(e.g. O.Reg 170/03, <br />O.Reg 435/93, <br />O.Reg 903) <br />95% Turbidity Rule 01/2010 - 08/ 2010 Created a monthly form to <br />review and sign off on the <br />sampling schedule. <br />Complete <br /> <br /> <br />72 hour filter turbidity review 09/08/ 2010 Staff meeting addressing <br />non-compliance, staff to <br />follow SOP OCWA-C6-09. <br />Complete <br />System Certificate <br />of Approval <br />#0896-7JHHW8 <br />System <br />Certificate of <br />Approval <br />#1001-7ZDRCJ <br />System <br />Municipal Drinking <br />Water License <br />#026-101 <br />System <br />Drinking Water <br />Works Permit <br />#026-201 <br />Monthly Composite Backwash <br />& Free Chlorine Residual <br />Missed <br />10/2010Staff meeting addressing non- <br />compliance, staff to follow <br />sampling schedule. <br />Complete <br />Free Chlorine Residual Missed 01/2010 <br />03/2010 <br />04/2010 <br />07/2010 <br /> <br />Adjusted sampling schedule <br />to reflect sampling <br />requirements since previous <br />sampling schedule did not. <br />Complete <br />Provincial Officer’s <br />Order <br />None to report ---------- ---------- ---------- <br />Table 1