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AINP UAL SL MNIAR) REPORT F(IR V1 E AIN HERS110L RG WTP <br />This ran art is a atimmary of viateu qualit)i inioimation for tt a Amt erstbwg V17P, At it list a c1 in <br />acaoudance with Schedule 22 of Ontario's llrinkingl-Water Elyste rn; Reglulation flan the rep a rting <br />penia (I of January 1, 2014 to Ilea ember W, 2014- 7t a Am t e rs tbuug VI IR is categoriaed as a <br />Large lu tin icipaI Residential Diinl ing VI ater System. <br />This report was Are flared byTlhe Clntario Clean VV a to r Age n a yon bet aIf of Tlhe CIO rnaration of <br />the Tomin of film herstbung_ <br />The neport ratiat, <br />(a) list tt a req uisements of the Aa t, tt a negulations, the system's appnoval and any order that <br />the s) p tem -lailec Ito meet at any tirn a during gl tt a period a a vexed by there port a mid s n ecify <br />the duration of the failure, and <br />(b) loi each lailuue referred to in clause (a), describe the measure s that were taken to ca rnect <br />the flailwe. <br />The fla Ilov ung table lists tt e no n -a omplia nce with the :la fe Drinl ing A ater Aa t, Regt i lation 170/03, <br />PTTVt N DW L and l]WWR duaing 3014 fou the /Im t erstbueg VV IIP_ <br />Tlable 11 <br />Drinking Waten <br />Lagislation <br />iiectuirememt(s) the <br />sya 11Aeed E m faliec to m <br />Measures fatten to <br />a orrecl the fd inure <br />The vahie to the <br />` status <br />etc (ompi oa <br />a ompla ing) <br />I F e mica I loll cl pump <br />Clctobe n 1, 2114 — Us e a <br />was restored to tt e <br />Sale Ii I ing Wate r <br />ci a mica coagulant at <br />a pen pori ition, algins <br />complete <br />Aict <br />all times <br />weue posted and staffs <br />were trainedon tF e <br />lackch ien le nt. <br />Tt a neport must also include the 1ollawing in farmation for the punpose of enabling the awnea of <br />the s S 1stem to ass o s s tt a capa t ility of the sys to m to meet ei iisting and planned t is e s of tt e <br />Sys tom: <br />1. AI sunrnar51 at the quantities and flomi rakes of the v atea supplied during the period aavened <br />by the report, in oludingl m a n tt ly ai is ra g e a n d maxim um daily flows a n d Bail} I instantan e a us <br />peak law rates. <br />Please find t elov , a copy of the quantities and flow rates of the wiater mi thdravin from the <br />Detnoit Fiber and treated/distributed from the Almhenstt tirgl WT1P diming 3014- <br />2. A comparison a fl the summary ue'la ira d to in n aragaaph 1 to the rated capacity and flaw <br />nates all nnoued in the s ystera's approval. <br />