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rte <br />t);-:-:>OntariO <br />Drinking-Water Systems Regulation O. Reg. 170/03 <br />[ ] Public access/notice via Public Request <br />[ ] Public access/notice via a Public Library <br />[ ] Public access/notice via other method _ <br />uescrioe your urinKing-water <br />A surface water treatment plant, with a rated capacity of 18,184 cubic meters per day, <br />consisting of: <br />1. An intake crib 155 meters into the Detroit River and connected through a 900mm pipe <br />to the Low Lift Pumping Station. <br />2. A low lift pumping station equipped with wet well, three vertical turbine pumps, a <br />coarse bar screen, an automatic traveling screen and two 50mm chlorine solution feed <br />lines and a chlorine diffuser. <br />3. A solids -contact upflow clarifier with overflow chamber, chemical feed line, sludge <br />blow off line, sludge scraper and recirculation system. <br />4. Four rapid sand filters with dual media of anthracite and silica sand including a <br />backwash system. <br />5. A filter effluent clearwell with transfer conduit to the reservoir. <br />6. A 14900m3 underground storage reservoir. <br />7. A high lift pumping station equipped with three vertical turbine pumps, a chlorine <br />solution feed line/diffuser and a filter backwash pump. <br />List all water treatment chemicals used over this reporting period <br />1. Aluminum Sulphate <br />2. Powdered Activated carbon <br />3. Chlorine gas <br />4. Polymer (Nalco 8103) <br />5. Polymer (Nalco 7763) <br />6. Polymer (Nalco 8181) <br />Were any significant expenses incurred to? <br />[x] Install required equipment <br />[x] Repair required equipment <br />[x] Replace required equipment <br />rMdbt! VIUWIUe a peer oe5cr1puUri ano a oreaKoown OT monetary expenses incurrea <br />Installed: <br />Repaired: <br />1. Phasor- Rebuild Raw water pump #3 and install 100hp VFD - $ 23,820.24 <br />2. Security Cameras and Monitor - $ 2,813.03 <br />3. Security One- supply & install security system at Water Tower - $ 1,998.96 <br />1. Advanced Fluid Technologies- repair stuffing box on LL pump #2- $2,925.60 <br />2. Genrep Ltd - generator repairs and maintenance - $1,660.33 <br />3. Clarifier repairs - $2,870.39 <br />4. Kent compressors- compressor repairs - $1,014.88 <br />Drinking Water Systems Regulations Page 2 of 8 <br />(PIBS 4435e01) December 2011 <br />