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<br />THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF TECUMSEH <br /> <br />L <br /> <br />BY-LA W NUMBER 2005-43 <br /> <br />Being a by-law to provide for the removal of dog excrement on <br />public property in the Town f Tecumseh <br /> <br />WHEREAS Section 11(1) 9 of the Municipal Act 2001, S.O. 2001 c.25, and amendments thereto, <br />provides that By-laws may be passed by the Councils of local municipalities respecting animals; <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS, complaints have been received by members of Council and Administration <br />regarding dog excrement being left on municipally owned property including parks, sidewalks, <br />boulevards, etc.; <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS the Council of The Town of Tecumseh deems it appropriate to pass a By-law for <br />requiring any person who owns or harbours a dog, except for such class or classes of physically <br />handicapped persons as may be set out in the By-law, to remove forthwith excrement left by the dog in <br />any municipally owned areas including parks, sidewalks, boulevards, etc., <br /> <br />( <br />\...J <br /> <br />NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF TECUMSEH <br />ENACTS AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />1. That in this By-Law, <br /> <br />(a) "Blind Person" means a person who becomes of blindness and is dependent on a guide dog <br />or a white cane; <br /> <br />(b) "Handicapped Person" means a person who is permanently confined to a wheelchair or <br />restricted to the permanent use of crutches or braces; and <br /> <br />(c) "Harbour" shall include having care or control of a dog. <br /> <br />(d) "Owner" when used in relation to a dog, includes a person who possesses or Harbours the <br />dog and; where the Owner is a minor, the person responsible for the custody of the minor. <br /> <br />2. That every Owner of a dog shall remove forthwith excrement left by such dog on any <br />municipally owned property, in the Town of Tecumseh, which shall include, but not be limited <br />to the public road allowances, highways, boulevards, shoulders, walkways and trails, <br />sidewalks and parks. <br /> <br />L <br /> <br />3. <br /> <br />That the provisions of Section 2 do not apply to a Blind Person or Handicapped Person. <br /> <br />4. That every Owner who contravenes any of the provisions of this by-law is guilty of an offence <br />and shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit and pay a penalty of not more than five hundred <br />dollars ($500.00) exclusive of costs and every such fine is recoverable under the Provincial <br />Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990. <br /> <br />5. That any portion of any by-law inconsistent with this by-law is hereby repealed. <br />6. That this by-law shall come into force and take effect on the day of the final passing thereof. <br /> <br />Read a first, second and third time and finally passed this 24th day of May, 2005. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />~'MaYOr <br />, < <br /> <br /> <br />c <br />