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7777 <br />1 A. BY-LAW APPOINTING A ROAD 9(JPERINTENDEN9340 <br />T IN THE TOWNSHIP OF d d Ut _ _-___-_------__-- <br />{ MaLATI NOM?o <br />IN THE Coum OF >Essez. <br />, A4 <br />:I <br />DISTRICT <br />BRING A BY=LAYJ to impose penalties on unpaid taxes and allow <br />�p 2`r <br />WHERE'.AS it is desirable that the laying out and supervision of all work and �t <br />discount <br />for prepayment o! taxes. v*'�� <br />expenditure upon improvement and maintenance of roads within the exclusive jurisdiction �'� by ♦irttl0 0! the authority granted Under seotion.113 <br />of this township should be under the supervision of a road superintendent, acting under Oar The Assessment Aot.R•S•0•,1937,Chapter 272,lt is provided.that <br />the direction of this council;` <br />the Municipal Oouncil,by by-law,may impose penalties up to a <br />AND WHEREAS it is the desire of this council to take advantage of The Highway maximum of lour Xer centum,or allow a discount up to a maximum 9f <br />Improvement Act and to receive the Government grant as provided in R.S.O., 1937, Chapteif+ <br />1 els per aentnm. F` <br />56, Sections 45, 47 and 49, - <br />BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the municipal council of the corporation of the said` <br />AND YrAEREA3, the Municipal Council o! the Township o! Sandwich <br />township and it is hereby enacted: South deem it necessary and expedient to pass a by-law for said <br />j purpose. <br />1. THAT HarTRL 4�FsehbrooY a d IT THERRFOg$ �;NAOTEDeand the Municipal council of the Township <br />name) (address) <br />30 7 <br />of Sandwich gouth,enaots as follows:- <br />is appointed road superintendent in the said township to act as aforesaid in accordance is THAT hereafter in 811 08800 Of non-paysent of taxes on or <br />with the provisions of the said Sectl.on 45 of the said Act from the <br />before December 31ste in the year for which the- taxes are imposed, <br />there shall be added,in the euooeeding year,one-hal! of one per j <br />Fifth day of March 19 45. oentum on January additional one-half of ane ger centum an <br />February let; an additional one and one half per oentum on Perch <br />and during the pleasure of the said council. _ <br />let*; and an additional one and one-half per centum on April let.. <br />2. THAT the road superintendent shall be paid at the rate of''$ --500.00 - <br />. 2. THAT hereafter in all cases a discount Of two per centum <br />per annum for such time as he may be so employed. <br />yy will be allowdd for the payment of the current Fear Ie tazas,on or <br />- <br />before July let. , and one per centum will be allowed as for the <br />payment of the current year's taxes on or before October toe' <br />year for which the taxes are imposed. <br />A ? 3. THAT it shall be the duty of the superintendent to lay out and supervise 4 <br />all work and expenditure on roads within the exclusive jurisdiction of the township 3e THIS by shallJ. <br />come iIItO force and effect upon and after <br />council and to conform to such general regulations as the Department of Highways may t the final passing thereof* r <br />prescribe. <br />4. ALT by -saws not consistent with this by-law are hereby <br />4• THAT all by-laws or parts thereof and all or any resolutions of acid j' <br />council contrary hereto or inconsistent herewith, be and Me same are hereby re- repe818d• <br />pealed. _ <br />5. THAT a certified copy of this by-law be forwarded by the clerk without Passed in open council this 7th•- day 0! May,194§e � <br />delay to the Municipal Rosds Branch, Departmen�of Highways, Toronto. - _- <br />READ A THIRD TIME AND PASSED THIS Fifth day of March . 19_ • R@eke • <br />(SEAL) <br />F <br />f erh <br />r <br />REEVE <br />;F <br />CLERK �/ <br />I Jih/n McAuliffe Clerkporation of the township <br />of 9 d do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of by-law <br />-g. n �f oh SanLh _ <br />No. 934 passed by the council of the said corporation on the _� gday of <br />l c <br />March.lye. ;, <br />owNSHIF <br />CLERK <br />ofVeCor#; <br />1 <br />Yq <br />..- ._.. ._ .. ,. i, • l -'' 1 ''. - __ ,.ni.ea.yT+ti ,-• �itx'k ;r,.j ---77-77 <br />-18 <br />�. <br />Series B: Miscellaneous By's, 1893-1959 <br />