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A <br />- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />TOWNSHIP SCHOOL AR�E'A PY-1,M <br />By-law Noip#s9a:eeos .... of the Corp -,ration of' the Township Of <br />setting apart the Towns,hip School Area of <br />WHEREAS it is expedient that a township school area be set apart: <br />11.:q�idyiioh r_,-outh <br />THEREFORE the Council of the Township of 0.04 M.M.O.pursuant <br />sjhoo�ls Act, <br />the authority conferred by subsection I of section 15 of 2�e <br />pu i <br />,S.O. 1937, chapter 357,, enacts as follows, - <br />1. The portion of the Township described in section 2 hereof is `,4reby set apart <br />i a township school area. <br />V <br />2,q _The said township spa.1 consist of <br />i At R.,40 ublic <br />on <br />L <br />, <br />j 4"', 0 "�, <br />Poo$ i 6 W <br />34, The board of school trustees of the said township schoyt:. aret is Mreby <br />;signated as <br />a $too #V,84 <br />�j <br />0 . . . T Ile. :V.:149*4.5, ..,0 the school <br />4* On and after the day of A. 01 <br />-lotions included in the said township school area shall cease 'to exist as separate <br />A.hobl sections and the school boards having jurisdiction in -such sections shall 'he <br />Lesolved, <br />5s. This by. -law shall take effect from the ,4ti... day of o a 6 a 4 <br />PASSED this -day of <br />First Readings 000.5.Upoao day of qv%T4�PV4 i 0 0 a a 0 <br />Second Reading: o.*&5&�ttee.. day of esm9,7*V;1P#9m' <br />Third Reading: .3#037�jfis day of,oes @J1XPs# <br />Reeve <br />TOWNSHIP <br />SEAL <br />4i ;ler <br />Em <br />I <br />to <br />6 <br />11 <br />P <br />Series B: Miscellaneous By-laws, 1893-1959. <br />