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A By-law to authorize the e,tecution of an agreement <br />between Union Gas-Corripany of .Canada, Lir:iited and the Corporation of <br />the Township of Sandti,i ch South. <br />The I.Iunicipal Council of the Cor?.)oration of the Township <br />of Sandwich'South enacts as follo7,as: - <br />1. _'he agreement, a copy of z hick is hereto attached and 't <br />rye rked Schedule "A" to this by-law, being an: a greement between Union <br />- Gas Company of Canada, Limited and the Corporation of the Township <br />Reeve . <br />of SarAwich South, is hereby approved and authorized and the iia#vr- <br />and Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to sigh said agreement,- f <br />to affix the Corporate seal thgreto, and to deliver one copy to Union <br />Gas Company of Canada, Limited. <br />The By-lav,i to come into effect f rom and aft er the f inal <br />passing thereof. � <br />Fday of octoier 91940. <br />ASS� this- ---let. {{ <br />.v� <br />r. , <br />IL <br />BY -LAS NT <br />,. _43K <br />OF THE TOWNSHIP OF SANDWICH SOUTH <br />;. <br />dish restricted residential <br />A to establish <br />.Byjlaw <br />districts of the',,Township of Sandwich South. <br />WHEREAS 'it is deemed expedient to'restrict the use of land <br />and buildings for residential purposes o:aly, in defin'itetareas <br />in the.Township of Sandwich South and to regulate the type of <br />height, bulk, location,.spacing, character. and <br />construction and <br />of all buildings to be erected or altered therein and the <br />j <br />use <br />minimum frontage of the parcel of land and the proportion of "the <br />F <br />area thereof which any building may occupy. <br />NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Township <br />of Sandwich South enacts as follows:- <br />1. .(a)District Number 1s when used in this <br />X <br />By-laws shall mean all that part of <br />- <br />r <br />the Township of Sandwich South comprising <br />all the lands in the west half of farm lot <br />17 in the 7th Concession of the said Municipal <br />ity. <br />District Number 21 when used in this <br />I <br />By-law shall mean-- <br />(U) All the lands in the west half of farm <br />2� <br />Lots 131-14 and 15 including the lands in <br />Registered Plans Numbers 11089and 1133 all <br />} <br />in the 5th Concession of the said Municipality <br />3e (c) �mstrict Number 31 when used in this <br />4 <br />By.-1aw shall mean -- <br />All the lands in the area described as <br />follows: Commencing at the northeast angle <br />4 <br />of Registered Plan Number 1444;Thence <br />northerly and parallel with the easterly limit <br />4 <br />of Howard Avenue being the dividing line <br />'between the Township of Sandwiish South and, <br />Saddwich West to the southerly licit fo the <br />North Talbot Road; Thence Westerly and along <br />;.. <br />the southerly limit of said North Talbot Road <br />to the east limit of said Howard Avenue;Thence <br />--. <br />Southerly and Along the said east limig of the <br />said Howt$rd4 Avenue to the northerly limit of <br />_x <br />; <br />Provincial Highway Number 3; Thence soutfir-:_____ <br />easterly and along the northerly limit of` <br />the <br />7� <br />Highway Number 3 to the Southeast angle of <br />saidRegisteredPlan Number 1444. <br />y" <br />tfit Number 4 when used in this <br />_ 4• isc <br />k <br />By-law shall mean --- <br />All the lands contained in the hereinafter <br />dea vibe-Varea Commencing at. the northea <br />_ - <br />sigYe of registered- Pian Number � <br />arall61 with the Mort.erl"'nisi <br />—} <br />Southeasterly p. <br />of Provincial Highway Number 3 (Talbot Ro d). <br />and the - production of the northerly lilait -,of <br />said Registered Plan Number 1444a to the ,, <br />limit of the right-of-way of the Pere <br />t <br />westerly <br />Marquerette Railway; -=-Thence southerly and, - <br />following the said westerly Amit of Pere <br />feet tQ a <br />- <br />Marquette Railway right-of-wayrA000 <br />point; Thence westerly and parallel with ahe', <br />ji <br />- south limit of Provincial Highway Number 3 <br />limit Howard <br />: <br />- <br />(Talbot R9ad) to the easterly of <br />being the dividing line between the <br />- Avenue <br />wnshi s of Sandwich South and Sandwich West; <br />To p, <br />Thence nArtherly to the southwest angle of <br />3e,and ;the said Howar <br />= <br />b <br />ProvinciaY Higheay Number <br />Avenue. <br />series B. Miscellaneous By-laws, 1$93-1959. <br />