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c... .p.;; i,`','li ',° t':,; 'y"�. �'• r'lf ro laaZ{`.- • r+",?�i4s y... e,..r =g `. 3a, <br />i <br />. r -r..-:-•- -rte- �r^._... . <br />ed for t <br />ee in or pa, <br />the Y <br />1} and shall be and the same ;are us, he purpose of having }� P g p )' <br />ThQ aforesaid p,str3cts �Io. , <br />hereby `dee tired � `' o zA-iden,ial •areas acid no land in any .of the trailer while ech trailer, in the Corporation is used for human a 3 <br />said, dUtricts.. sha' l be used fox purposes other than that of a private - i habitation. <br />(Trailer herein shall mean and, include a vehicles. <br />residence for the occupancy of.not more than two families; Such.use l conveyance or artificial contrivance used or capab�� of being used <br />�.. as a means of conveyances and whether the same is,or is not attached <br />shall include a private garage and,a private fuel house and�.a private -- Y <br />No building shall be altered or used in. any such district to another gehicld and whether the same is or is not mounted on <br />o.therhen Q�han for such residential u�pose ut in the aforesaid district E wheels.) <br />No. 4 the following buildings maty tie er�c�ed: <br />Single- detached -private residences and garages for -the storage of II` Clause -7 of this -Be -law shall not apply to the <br />use of any highway <br />1 in the Corporation by a trailer while such trailer is pa-sing--a-long — <br />cars in connection therewith. �'; i ii and upon such highway as part of the ordinary vehicular traffic, <br />M ti le dwelling houses with garages for the storage of cars in nor shall said clause 7 apply tod trailer occupied by a bona fide 1 <br />ul P �,I providing <br />such trailer does not remain within the limits of �I i <br />"e;onnection therewith tourist, p ear, l <br />Apartment houses with,garages for storage of cars in connection j <br />the Corporation for more than fifteen days in any y <br />No building shall be erected, moved or altered within the areas <br />therewith, �. pp. <br />_ hereinbefore defined without the express consent and approval of <br />l the Building Inspector who shall be appointed by the Corporation and <br />Churchesupon payment to the Corporation of the sum of Two dollars ($2.00) II, <br />for buildings or alterations costing One thousand dollars.($61000.00) I� <br />Schools Municipal Builings and Institutions of Learning E! <br />P ' ^� and the further sum of fifty cents (.- 0¢) for each additional one <br />Clubs, Stores,'Res-�aurants, Garages- and Gas Service Stations, thousand dollars ($61000.00)_ and fracti thereof. <br />i Nothing in this by-law shall be deemed to affect the use of any <br />All buildings shall be placed parallel to the street line and the - <br />sidewalls thereof including verandahs, steps.and other projections farm lands now or hereaftsposesf andagomprisesaanpareasof notle`E <br />tree feet ') from the as the same are used for, <br />� shall be at a distance of not less than h (3 <br />u lands the <br />of on which the building is placed. �, than five acres, <br />sideline) p <br />11 $. - r of a breach of any one or.more of the provisions <br />No dwelling houDe shall be erected.on any parcel of land within the Any person convicted in the discretion of the �I <br />said distrcits unless such parcel of land has a frontage on the of this By-� aw shall forfeit and pay, j <br />e dwelling convicting Magistrate, a penalty not exceeding(exclusive of costs) <br />the side lines of the said parcel and not more than on g , ! <br />?' the sum of $650.00 for each offence, recoverable under the Municipal <br />street -of at least Elft (50 ) feet and measured at right angles to <br />house shall es erected on such parcel of land., Act and the Summary Convictions Act. <br />11 four districts :aforesaid no buildings, including_ verandahs,�, The imposition of a <br />penalty for any violation of this By <br />shall <br />ln� ' not excuse the violation or permit it to continue and the convicted _ <br />§teps or other projections, shall be BBected within sixty feet (60 ) py. t and subsequent <br />torr-ect-=or reined such violation and <br />-ten days <br />from the centre of she street. �''-person-shall- <br />_ {. f that the violation continues, after conviction, firs , <br />Each private residence to be erected or <br />altered within -the said ;I j shall, ipso f�ctoq constitute a new and separate offence. <br />districts shall be of permanent construction and of such height, of of - <br />bulk� spacing and character that full compliance is made withion athis f andnwhethercorenot ao conviction on thcreforhhasrbeen 1made othe hCounis cilaw <br />By-law, and of such kind character and type of cons <br />f <br />1 may by notice, signed b,rthe Clerk or building Inspector mailed to <br />? <br />or may be `erected at prices prevailing on October 1st 1945 for not 4 re aid registered post addressed to him at his last <br />less than $p4000.00.? the offender by p p <br />known place of abode, order him to do, or undo the work or thing 1 ; <br />or'private residences shall be erected on a solid which has occasioned or <br />constituted <br />eandf incdefaultnofwcompliance <br />All dwellingspof - <br />.foundation of brick, stone, concrete, tile', cement block or a kC withhsuch arder�athenCouncil may authorize the building Inspector <br />1 or have done or undone the work or thing in question- <br />than'sixthundredrsquaredfeetll have' a ground floor area of riot less and for such purpose to enter upon the premises where such'offence <br />to do or undo <br />equipped <br />has taken place, and the expense thereby incurred shall be a debt owin <br />p ith.�i by the offender -to the.Corporation-and may be recovered by action or <br />buildings. <br />oresepticgtankefrornsewageodisposallandeno ouoorwto�let, ( -'' munici al taxes. <br />P <br />shall be permitted on the said lands unless it is' located -150 feet_ �� ,in like manner as <br />P <br />- -` <br />from any dwelling. ?: This. by-law shall come into force and take effect upon receiving bhe ' <br />I 1- <br />' • O!. , <br />All chimneys shall be erected from the ground and shhll be of brick, approval of the Ontario, <br />Board. <br />le cement block or a corabin4ion thereof. I; 1 =� * - <br />stone� concrete, ti , Passed this 5�h. day of N&LOMber 1945• <br />d shall be' f <br />of,either sidig, n� �� <br />All exterior walls shall be } <br />brick siding brie <br />stucco, tile cement block or combination thereof an <br />completed within twelve, months after the erection of any building <br />e { j, -REEVE i <br />shall have been commenced* <br />No garage or other building except residences shall be used as a. �I� <br />C! CLERK <br />residence or living quarters either by one or several persons. o <br />The costof construction of said private residence in the event <br />� ' let.Readiag• 00%0ber 1st. <br />of any dispute shall be ascertained by an appraiser to be appointed �, 2ad•Reeding- ootoler let.91945 ' <br />by the Corporation whose decislon:i shall be finals I' <br />- 3rd.ReaAing- IforromUt 5th.1945 • <br />No land within the territorihd limits of the Corporation shall be . <br />I� <br />awmiscellaneous By-laws, 1893-1959. <br />M <br />Series B: fete BY s <br />