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rnTRYPT <br />77771 <br />77 <br />..gin > > ':. <br />_ -• BT•I,AW No. 945. <br />U <br />BT•LAW N0. 944 - u <br />A aT•LAW to appoint places for holding Nominations and SlectioAs <br />BEING a By•Law to admit new eubecribere to the Sandwich Southfor the Munioipal Counoil, of the Township of Sandwich South and also <br />-Munioipal Telephone System* for School Trustees of the Board of Public School Trustees of the <br />MORFAS, the persons whose names appear in Schedule "Alt to this <br />Township School Area of Sandwich South for the <br />Township 194G�•. <br />By-lawpetitione4 the Coanoil of the Township of Sandwich South to be j RfiEREAB, the Council of the Township o"f�Sandwioh South deem., it <br />admitted to the .Sandwich South Munioipal Telephone System,on the same necessary and expedient to pass a byelaw for sail purpose* <br />terms and oonditione,as the original petitioners. • <br />BLIT THEREFORE LNACTED,and the Council of Sandwich South enacts <br />AND WHEREAS, the whole rateable property of the said Township, as follows: <br />___ec4erd#ng-tO-thd Leet revised assessment roll,is the Bum of $1,754,037• <br />AND WHBREAS,the whole rateable property of the undermentioned 1. THAT the nominations for the year 1946 sell be held at the <br />subsoribers,according to the last revised assessment roll its the Bum Town Hall;Oldoastle,on Monday,the' of Deoember919459at the <br />hour of one o'clock in the afternooa,for the offices of Reeve and Four <br />of X4,134• <br />TRBR�ORE,the Council of the Township of gsndwioh Bout as Councillors and for five trustees for the Township Public School <br />follows:- Area. <br />1. TEAT the amounts set opposite the name's of the subscribersts in 2. THAT John McAuliffe shall be the Returning Officer to hold <br />Schedule.nAl► shall be a ees s sed levied and oolleoted upon and from the - nominationa,and if a Poll be be required,it shall be - <br />held on Monday, <br />lands of the subscribers set forth in the�sohedule. the of January919469by the following persons as Deputy <br />2. THAT the amount of the total special rate and interest thereon, <br />Returning Offioers:- o <br />at the rate of five per cent,against the subscribers respectfully,ehall In $Polling Sub -division No.l ------- <br />be divided into ten equal parts and one such part shall be assessed,in Polling Sub »division No.2A _MrosPern-MoAuslan______------ <br />levied and collected in each year for tem yeare,after the final passingpolling Subdivision NO.2B _Mrs_Nallie_`Turton_____•__„y__ <br />of this by -18w. in Polling Subdivision NO.3 ------------ <br />;.-THAT the proceeds as oolleoted shall be applied to pay the cost - <br />In Polling Subdivision No.4 _Maurice:�aifar¢_____- <br />of maintenance of the said Telephone Systems <br />3. THAT the Poll shall be held at the following places:- <br />4. THAT the new subcribers shall conform to and abide by the rules - D3 polling -Sub -division No.l sh.4 <br />and regulations as set forth and in force in the, said Telephone System.Res s_Qi$pon <br />Residenoe of a MO uslan, <br />3. THAT this by-law shall come into -force and effect upon and after In Polling Sub -division No.2A-_ sus-----•- <br />: <br />In Polling Subdivision NO. -2B e_Rgllft ge o!_ s_ Tellie_Turtoa <br />the final .passing thereof. - Pub11c Sohooi House N0.'2. <br />In pollingSub division No.3 Schoo -----------•--s- <br />SCHEDULE "A"• In Polling Sufi-didisioa.No.4 <br />Con. Lot. Names. Asstmt. Interest. Total Annual <br />Special Payment. V Passed in open Council this ZT.111*da o November,1945. <br />,. <br />Rats <br />$ $ $ $8.42.. .P � _-_-- N.T.R. Pt.2,96 J.Andersoa 19.18 84.18 -- Reevis . <br />Plea -1332 .__. <br />A 1366, Lots, H.Washbrook 65.00 19.18 84.18 8.42 <br />passed is ©pen Council this of Nov mb r,1945• <br />_ - <br />Polls to open at 9 o'clock in the forenoon and close <br />- a Reeve. at 6 otolook Il the afternoon. <br />The Township Public School Area includes the following <br />i -- - - -11.1- -- Y --- on <br />I Pub13o School Seoti qL.• <br />�__ bion 3.S•No.4, 3.8.No.; i <br />-- 2 <br />Union S. S.No.i, .No. <br />3.S.No.6 and Union 8.8.N0.10.° <br />Public School supporters in other -Townships,iuOludad in '"^r <br />attend nomina-tions and vote for trustees,if an <br />- - — _ the area may � <br />election is held. <br />11 - aw , 1893-1959. <br />series B: miscellaneous fy 1 s a <br />