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.. - _ 4444.: _ .__—: __.+ z: _ _ - •. F<+ 1 <br />4 <br />e N <br />r <br />rr .. <br />t <br />dt , <br />i <br />BY-LAW Me. 9474 t <br />{ <br />BEING A BY=LAW to admit new,,subsoribere to the Sandwich South <br />By -LAW NO. Municipal Telephone System. <br />Form B -6 <br />j'VHXMS, the persons whose names appear in Schedule "All to this <br />• �ITURE 01� ROADS IN THE TOWATSHIP • by-law petitioned the Council o� the Township o_f_ Sandwich South to be <br />ABY -LAW TO FROYIDiS FOR TIM TOTAL 1 <br />OF IN THE COUNTY OF admitted to the Sandwich South'Municipal Telephone System,on the same <br />a R.S.O., 1937 and amendment's - terms and conditions,as the original petitioners. q <br />WHKFt�A9 The Highway Improvement Act, Chapter 58, � <br />requires that the total expenditure on township roads and bridges be provided for AND IMEREAS, the whole rateable property of the said Township, <br />annually by township by -la*.according to the last revised Assessment Roll, is the sum of $1,773,7720 <br />T FORE the council of the corporation of the said township enacts as AND WHEREAS, the whole rateable property of the undermentioned <br />subseribers,according to the last revised Assessment Roll it the cum <br />follows : <br />of $8,900. a:r <br />(1) The ears of e�Ad_pp is hereby appropriated of sandwich <br />Council Of the Township from monies raised by levy, y <br />debentures and government subsidy for total expenditure upon construction and main- THRREFORE, the tgnasxsxs8xfsal�a <br />tenance of the roads in the slid township during the year 191 follows: <br />South enacts as follows:- ` <br />l i <br />Road Construction <br />1. THAT the amounts set opposite the names of the subscribers in <br />nae: _' Schedule "All ah <br />Bridge Constructionall�' "t'a'ssessed 9levied and collected upon and from the <br />eep.pq lands. -of the subscribers=set forth in the Schedule. <br />Machinery <br />thereon, <br />Superintendence 2. THAT the amount of the total special rate and interest , <br />maintenance &Repair <br />1r goo 0() at the r6te of five per cent,against the subscribers respectfully, shall <br />1t �Qcrrpg be divided into ten equal parts and one such part shall be assessed,iagtt�i <br />Total Estimated Expenditure -_ <br />pirated levied <br />and collected in each year for ten years,after the final passing <br />('2 ) <br />The said monies shall b$ expended under the directt,iOh Of th4 duly apD 3 <br />township road superintendent and on work performed' An accordance with the Highway of this by-law. <br />Improvement Act. <br />3. THAT the proceeds as collected shall be. applied to_pay the cost _ <br />(3y <br />The clerk shall transmit a copy of this by -law to the,Mun'icipal Roads Branch, , Of maintenance of the -sa Telephone System. j <br />Department of Highways, pp of he present year. <br />for royal on or before Februarys 28th <br />4. THAT the new subscribers shall conform to and abide by the rules <br />Passed atthis_ day,of Y _A.,:, 4�s- <br />1�+Rh D19and regulations as set forth and in force in the said Telephone System. j <br />} <br />5. THAT this by-law sha11 come into force and effect upon and after ; <br />{ the final,passing thereof. <br />t _4444 <br />I 4 SCHEDULE "All <br />} <br />(SEAL) I CON*-- <br />-Lot, Name Assmtt Interest Total Annual Special Rate Pay Imt ' <br />Pt912 R.O.Fawcett x,19618 `84.18 8.42 <br />N.T.R. Pt 296 'John Rvsnovan �' 65.00 19.18 84.18 8.42' <br />CLERx � ' 8 ''ta 11 Israel Rondat L/ ' 65.00 P�' 19.18 84.18 8.42��• t <br />1 <br />Clerk of the corporation of the 1 6 Pt.l Hubert Shuel v 65.00 19.18 84.18 8.42" <br />F A.�Vesten 65 00 19 18 8#418 8.42' Y - <br />1330 Pt,Blk.7 4 • <br />ot��Arlah�do hereby certify than the foregoing -g pt.lo Edna Shuttleworth�,65.a0 Qel• 19.18 84.18 8.42 �•• <br />township of � irpd� <br />the council of the said corporation - 5 Pt.B Fred Geauvreau 65.00 19.18 84:18 8.42 <br />is a true copy of By -law RLa4 passed by S: T.R Pt 296.;eo . Palencer 65. o,o 19 a 18 84.18 8,.42' t <br />on the_ —day of J4=W2 a 194j . <br />N.T.R. Pt,307 Manson Jessop 65.00 19.18 84.181 8.42' � <br />E Passed in open Council this of Ap it 946 <br />t 4,;444 <br />Sc s <br />c <br />, <br />n <br />.{t�'� a i �cj, I v.: r' f> l 3 'a, 5 J.n:t ='.'•i... ..:. i } x aJ c ' i !` r .� t ____�___—_____... ___._—__.__._ ., St. _ <br />xa 'rf x .� t �•/' - w t '•`i t4y}6 �::i41'+�. li`{'�,r ✓' rz, r,�, :r`i i,x'�. � ''�' a <br />�. ,}ids $ :✓ i. -r_ �- x+ate r , tis' � S 5 SS`s ( t <br />4444 <br />� <br />,., ,.., .. r444,4 <br />7,77 <br />-laws, 1893-1959. <br />- <br />series B: Miscellaneous By <br />