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<br />, <br /> <br />Susan Mazzei <br /> <br />From: <br />Sent: <br />To: <br />Subject: <br /> <br />Ed Renaud <br />Friday, January 10, 200310:37 AM <br />Laura May; Susan Mazzei <br />FW: Invoice for False Alarm <br /> <br />Laura or Sue please add this to the agenda for Tuesday evenings council <br />agenda. Thank you Ed. <br /> <br />(.(0 <br />~1 <br /> <br />This letter is to object to the administration of the 'False Alarm <br />Policy" . <br /> <br />t.- 8 <br />J> <br />z: c:." <br /> Z:n <br />-" Om <br />..,... r¡;w <br /> Ci m <br />r--.:> ลก:?:ì <br />= <br />c....:; <br />,....., mm <br /> ~ü <br /> Z <br /> G) <br /> <br />-----Original Message----- <br />From: Magliaro, Marianna [] <br />Sent: January 9, 2003 11:52 AM <br />To: '' <br />Subject: Invoice for False Alarm <br /> <br />Dear Mr Renaud: <br /> <br />On December 20, 2002 our alarm went off during the day and the OPP were <br />called to check things out. The next evening an OPP officer came to the <br />house and explained what had happened the previous day. He apologized <br />for <br />having to drop off an incident report but said it was a formality since <br />he <br />knew we had registered our alarm with the town. I understood and <br />thanked <br />him. <br /> <br />Imagine my surprise when I received an invoice for $100 yesterday. I <br />spoke <br />to Kim earlier this morning and she told me she would look into it. She <br />just phoned back and told me that we had originally registered the alarm <br />in <br />July 2001 when the bylaw started. NO renewal form was mailed to those <br />of us <br />who had registered for the year of 2002. BUT, a renewal was sent in Dec <br />2002 for the year 2003, which we promptly filled out and returned with <br />our <br />fee. <br /> <br />Something is not right here. Obviously I'm not the only one who had a <br />problem because renewal forms were sent for 2003. If you implement a <br />bylaw <br />which involves yearly renewals and filling out of forms, you are <br />obligated <br />to mail the forms to the taxpayers. Putting a reminder in the <br />newsletters <br />does not help because you are not including a copy of the required form. <br />I <br />have also found out that there is no provision for paying a lump sum for <br />several years. This is not right either. <br /> <br />I am asking that this invoice be cancelled because it's NOT our fault <br />that <br />the town chose to not send out renewal forms for the year 2002 we were <br />under <br />the impression that we were covered because we did not receive a renewal <br />notice. As I already told you, when we received the 2003 notice, we <br />promptly filled it out and returned it with the fee. <br /> <br />1 <br />