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<br />May 13, 2003 RCM Agenda <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />For Information <br /> <br />1. Greater Essex County District School Board, April 17, 2003 Re: Education Development Charges <br />2. Ministry of Finance, received April 28, 2003 Re: Ontario Municipal Economic Infrastructure Financing <br />Authority Loan Applications for Capital Infrastructure <br />3. County of Essex, April 23, 2003 Re: Participation in Border Crossing Improvement Decisions <br />4. Premier of Ontario, April 24, 2003 Re: Emerald Ash Borer <br />5. City of Toronto, April 24, 2003 Re: Improving the Quality of Property Assessment Services Delivered to <br />Ontario Municipalities and Ratepayers <br />6. Bruce Crozier, M.P.P., April 29, 2003 Re: Province of Ontario's Spending Plans <br />7. MP AC, April 30, 2003 Re: 2002 Annual Report and Financial Statements <br />8. FCM, May 1,2003 Re: Pilot-Site for "Smoke-Free Public Places-You Can Get There" Project <br />9. Daimler Chrysler, May 2,2003 Re: Windsor/Detroit Corridor Infrastructure <br />10. County of Essex, May 5,2003 Re: County Public Meeting to Discuss Draft By-laws Prohibiting Smoking <br />in Public Places and Workplaces in Essex County <br />11. City of Windsor, April 25, 2003 Re: Notice of Passing of a Zoning By-law by the City of Windsor <br />12. Ken Knapp Ford, April 19, 2003 Re: Letter of Appreciation <br /> <br />8.11 COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />Com Festival Committee, April 24, 2003 <br />Water Committee, April 24, 2003 <br />Accessibility Advisory Committee, May 5,2003 <br />Planning Committee, May 7,2003 <br /> <br />8.12 REPORTS <br />Laura Moy, Clerk, April 29, 2003 Re: Reconstruction of Lacasse Boulevard <br />Laura Moy, Clerk, and Luc Gagnon, Director of Corporate Services, April 30, 2003 Re: Bingo Licence Fees <br /> <br />8.13 BY-LAWS <br />By-law No. 2003-33, being a by-law to provide for the adoption of tax rates, area rates and additional charges for <br />Municipal, County and Education purposes for the Year 2003. <br />(as recommended by Luc Gagnon, Director of Corporate Services) <br />By-law No. 2003-34, being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Amending Agreement between the <br />Corporation ofthe Town of Tecumseh and 1137017 Ontario Inc. (Rychel's Hockey Shop) <br />(as recommended by the Recreation Services Committee April] 0, 2003) <br />By-law No. 2003-35, being a by-law to levy a special charge in respect of the Business Improvement Area and to <br />provide for its collection. (as recommended by Luc Gagnon, Director of Corporate Services) <br />By-law No. 2003-36, being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Encroachment Agreement between the <br />Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Dajisse Holdings Ltd. <br />(as recommended by Laura Moy, Clerk) <br />By-law No. 2003-37, being a by-law to submit a question to the electors of the Town of Tecumseh at the November <br />10, 2003 Municipal Election respecting the discontinuance of fluoride at the Tecumseh Water Treatment Plant. <br />By-law No. 2003-37, being a by-law to discontinue the Fluoride System. <br />By-law No. 2003-38, being a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement between the Corporation of the <br />To\\'l1 ofTecull1seh and the Corporation of the TOV'vï1 of Lakeshore. <br />(as recommended by the Water Committee, April 24, 2003) <br /> <br />8.14 UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />8.15 OTHER BUSINESS <br />8.16 MOTIONS <br /> Deputy Mayor Gary McNamara, May 2, 2003 Re: West Nile Virus <br /> To move in camera to discuss in camera minutes. <br />8.17 NOTICES OF MOTIONS <br />8.18 ADJOURNMENT <br />