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<br />June 10, 2003 RCM Agenda <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />For Information <br />1. Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, May 20, 2003 Re: MP AC Services and Policies <br />2. Minister of Finance, May 27,2003 Re: Provincial Initiatives for Tax-Free Incentives <br />3. Parks Canada, May 30,2003 Re: Lake Erie as a National Marine Conservation Area <br />4. AMO, June 2, 2003 Re: Request for Nominations to the 2003-2004 AMO Board of Directors <br />5. Town of Essex, June 3, 2003 Re: Smoking By-laws <br />6. Union Gas, received May 30, 2003 Re: Application for 2004 Rates <br />7. Canadian Association of Police Boards, May 27,2003 Re: Incarceration in Minimum Security Facilities <br />8. City of Toronto, May 26,2003 Re: Municipal Property Assessment Corporation's "Futures" Program <br />9. Minister of Finance, May 30,2003 Re: Regulation of Charities <br /> <br />10.11 COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />Planning Committee, May 28, 2003 <br />BIA Board of Management, April 9, 2003 <br /> <br />10.12 REPORTS <br />Laura Moy, Clerk, June 4, 2003 Re: Proposed Referendum for Property Tax Increase <br />Gerald Sykes, Chief Administrative Officer, June 5, 2003 Re: Unpaid False Alarm Notices <br />Laura Moy, Clerk, June 5, 2003 Re: Elimination of Train Whistles <br /> <br />10.13 BY-LAWS <br />By-law No. 2003-39, being a by-law to provide for a new drain enclosure over the Cunningham Drain. <br />By-law No. 2003-40, being a by-law to establish and maintain a system for the collection and removal of garbage, <br />recyclables, organics, or other refuse. <br />By-law No. 2003-41, being a by-law to authorize the sale of real property described more particularly as Parts 1,2 <br />and 3 on Plan 12R-20438. <br />By-law No. 2003-42, being a by-law to provide for an enclosure of the upper part of the 7th Street Drain and <br />Branches. <br />By-law No. 2003-43, being a by-law respecting the establishment, regulating and/or continuance of a Fire <br />Department for the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh. <br />By-law No. 2003-44, being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Site Plan Control Amending Agreement <br />between the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh and Lakewood Development Inc. <br /> <br />10.14 UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />Report by Mayor Ed Renaud --Memo from Laura Moy, June 6, 2003 Re: Decriminalization of Marijuana <br /> <br />10.15 OTHER BUSINESS <br /> <br />10.16 MOTIONS <br />To move in camera to discuss in camera minutes. <br /> <br />10.17 NOTICES OF MOTIONS <br /> <br />10.18 ADJOURNMENT <br />