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<br />TOWN OF TECUMSEH <br /> <br />COUNCIL MEETING: (RCM) <br /> <br />June 10 , 2003 <br />19:00 Hours (7:00 p.m.) <br />Meeting Chambers <br />Tecumseh Town Hall <br /> <br />SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA <br /> <br />10.9 DELEGATIONS <br />7:05 p.m. - Essex Region Conservation Authority, June 9, 2003 Re: Cunningham Drain <br /> <br />10.10 COMMUNICATIONS <br />Action Required <br />9. The Talbot Settlement Society, received June 10,2003 Re: Re-dedication of Talbot <br />Settlement Centennial Cairn <br /> <br />Observation: The Talbot Settlement Society invites the Members to attend a special <br />ceremony to re-dedicate the Talbot Settlement Centennial Cairn in St.Thomas on Sunday, <br />July 20,2003 for the celebration of200 years of our heritage in the vast Talbot Settlement. <br /> <br />For Information <br />10. Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, June 6, 2003 Re: Charitable Fundraising <br />11. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, June 6, 2003 Re: Notice of Decision- <br />OP A No.8 (Sandwich South) <br />12. Committee of Adjustment Agenda, June 16,2003 <br /> <br />10.11 COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />Accessibility Advisory Committee, June 5, 2003 <br />Com Festival Committee, June 5, 2003 <br />