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<br />By-law No. 2005-01 being a by-law to provide for an Interim Tax Rate for the Year 2005 <br /> <br />By-law No. 2005-02 being a by-law to impose late payment charges for non-payment of taxes or any installment <br />of taxes by due date <br /> <br />By-law No. 2005-03 being a by-law to amend By-law No. 2003-23 establishing a code of conduct for the members <br />of council <br /> <br />By-law No. 2005-04 being a by-law to appoint members to the Tecumseh Corn Festival Committee for the Year <br />2005 <br /> <br />By-law No. 2005-05 being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the January 11, 2005 regular meeting of <br />Council <br /> <br />14. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />15. OTHER BUSINESS <br /> <br />16. NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />17. MOTIONS <br /> <br />18. NOTICES OF MOTIONS <br /> <br />19. ADJOURNMENT <br />