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<br />February 3, 2005 <br /> <br />¡ <br />¡ ¡ <br />¡ I <br />l5. 10 J <br /> <br />I (') I <br />~ 0 I <br />~ c <br />i -'?'"t) <br />. Q~ <br />~ = r: Ct.> <br />i ,,~~~ <br />i g ""'-1 <br />I Ul IT1m <br />. ~o <br />:2 <br />ø ! <br />1 <br />-J <br /> <br />file: 2005 Resolutions <br /> <br />Ms. Pat Vinìni <br />Association of Municipalities of Ontario <br />393 University Avenue <br />Suite 1701 <br />Toronto, ON M5G 1E6 <br /> <br />Dear Ms. Vinini: <br /> <br />Re: Resolution - In-Kind Contribution in the Form of Adyertising Space <br /> <br />The Board of Directors of the Essex -Windsor Solid Waste Authority, at their meeting of February <br />1, 2005, passed the attached resolution petitioning the Minister of the Environment to amend her <br />approval of the Blue Box Program Plan and the 2005 Steward's Fees to eliminate the inclusion of <br />in-kind newspaper advertising from the Canadian Newspaper Association and the Ontario <br />Community Newspaper Association and require CAN/OCNA to provide their payment in cash <br />like all other obligated stewards. <br /> <br />This resolution has been forwarded to all municipal recycling programs in Ontario for their <br />endorsement. <br /> <br />Yours truly, <br /> <br />Cam Wright <br />Waste Diyersion Manager <br /> <br />CW:sw <br />Enclosure <br /> <br />c:\docurnents and settings\lmoyllocal settings\temporary internet files\olkb7\in-kind resolution-amo feb 3-05.doc <br />