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<br />Page 2 of2 <br /> <br />D. Ministry of Agriculture and Food April 12, 2005 Re: Ontario Farmers <br />E. Dwight Duncan, M.P.P. April 11, 2005 Re: Canadian Red Cross Funding <br />F. Dwight Duncan, M.P.P. April 11 ,2005 Re: In-Kind Contribution <br />G. Dwight Duncan, M.P.P. April 11, 2005 Re: Truck Traffic on Local Roads <br />H. County of Prince Edward April 18, 2005 Re: Proposed Strategy for Wolves by the Ministry of Natural Resources <br />(2004) <br />I. Mark Spizzirri April 18, 2005 Re: Special Occasion Permit <br />J. Matt Shalhoub and Patrick Smith April 11, 2005 Re: Hawaiian Snow on the Go <br /> <br />11. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />Corn Festival Committee February 24, 2005 <br />Public Works Committee April 14, 2005 <br /> <br />12. REPORTS <br />Shaun Fuerth, Director of Information Systems March 30, 2005 Re: Use of Reserve Funds for G.I.S. Projects <br />Laura Moy, Clerk April 15, 2005 Re: Committee Meetings Summer Schedule <br />Brian Campeau, Acting Director of Water April 18, 2005 Re: Annual Summary Reports <br />Larry Beaudoin, Area Manager, Public Works Department April 5, 2005 Re: Asphalt Resurfacing and Surface <br />Treatment for 2005 <br />Eleanor Tilson, Building Clerk March 21, 2005 Re: TAAC 2004/2005 Accessibility Plan <br /> <br />13. BY-LAWS <br /> <br />By-law No. 2005-32 being a by-law to amend Schedule "L" (Intersection Stop Signs) Schedule "P" (Rates of Speed) <br />and Schedule "M" (Intersections -Yield) of By-law No. 2001-36, as amended, to regulate traffic and parking on <br />highways and private roadways under the jurisdiction of the Municipality. <br /> <br />By-law No. 2005-33 being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Tecumseh Council at their meeting of April 26, 2005 <br /> <br />14. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />Unfinished Business <br /> <br />15. OTHER BUSINESS <br /> <br />16. NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />17. MOTIONS <br /> <br />18. NOTICES OF MOTIONS <br /> <br />19. ADJOURNMENT <br /> <br />file://C:\TEMP\ELFC6B\04-26-2005 _ Agenda.html <br /> <br />4/22/2005 <br />