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<br />A. Community Chíropracbc Genter August S 2005 Re KidS Day America Intemffònal <br /> <br />B. Canadian Red Gross August 26 2005 Re Child Abuse Awareness <br /> <br />G. Tecumseh Minor Baseball September 8 2005 Re Special Event Application <br /> <br />Communications· Type,A ReçÔf'i11i1endatons <br /> <br />For Inforrhation* Typø lIau <br /> <br />A. The Township of Wellington North July 11 2005 Re Community Reinvestment Fund <br /> <br />B. Ministry of MuniCipal Affairs and Housing August 22005 Re Essex County Official Plan <br /> <br />Dillon Consulting Limited August 19 2005 Re Town of LaSalle Notice of Project Comple~"" Class Environmental Assessment Trunk Infrastructure <br />C. Fun~onal Design for the Bouffard and Howard Planníng Districts and Addi~onal Stormwater Management Facility (Cahiil Drain) <br /> <br />D. PoI1Golbbrn~August2;3, 2005 Re EligibílityfØr Løttery Licensirig Municipal Mu$eumsand Publi¢ Librariès <br /> <br />E. Township 01 Kiilaloe Hagarty and Richards September 1 2005 Re COst of Hea~ng Oiiand Dropping the GST <br /> <br />F. Committee of Adjustment Agenda September 1 9 2005 <br /> <br />11. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br /> <br />Water Committee August 9 2005 <br /> <br />Recreation Services Committee August 9 2005 <br /> <br />PublicWorks Committee August 9 200;; <br /> <br />Cuttural and Arts Advisory Committee August 152005 <br /> <br />T ecumseh Heritage Commi!teeAugust 15 2005 <br /> <br />Fire Committee August 22 2005 <br /> <br />Special Planning Committee August 23 2005 <br /> <br />POIicias and PrionDesAugust 31 2005 <br /> <br />12. REPORTS <br /> <br />Laura Mòy Clerk September 9 2005 He Retaii Business HOIi days Act Ëxemp~onByiaw <br /> <br />13. BY.LAWS <br /> <br />8yl~w 2Q05 ,,7 being a I¡ylaw to ,egulate Jhesetting of open air/ires and Identify the precautions and condi~ons to be obserVed for such fires within the <br />COrpQration of the Townef Tecumseh <br /> <br />Bylaw2005 59 being a bylaw to appoint members to the Tecumseh Accessibility AdVisory Committee <br /> <br />Bylaw 2005 60 being a bylaw to authorize the execution 01 an Agreement between the Corporation of the Town 01 T ecumseh and Perani Hockey Wood <br />Bylaw 2005 61 being a bylaw to authorize the execution of an- Amendíng Agreementbetweenthe Corporation,of1he Town of Tecumseh,and 2041237 Ontario <br />Ltd. Valénte Gadømski <br />Bylaw 2005 62 beJnga bylaw to confirm the proceedings of the September 13 2005 regu!ar meeting ofthe COuncil of the Corpora1ìon of the Town of <br />Tecumseh <br /> <br />14. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />Urtfinished··.Busìness <br /> <br />15. OTHER BUSINESS <br /> <br />16. NEW BUSINESS <br />