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<br />Corporation of the County of Essex <br />Planning Services <br />(';::)0' r;:::¡ ~~Wf?' ffj) <br />11.)~i¡::;;I( -"J" '. . n <br />Ur~,ì" 'L::t \.:::; If·] ,," <br />I" ""_", <br />William J. King, A.MCT. MC/P. RPP ": <br />Manager, PlÅ“mil'/B Services MAY -9 2006 <br /> <br /> <br />May 9, 2006 <br /> <br />Per: <br />TOWN OF TECUMe.ãH <br /> <br /> 'dìJ <br /> c:D <br />3: <ÞUJ <br />> Z.rm <br />-= ()-Z <br /> -()-¡ <br />c.o C <br />r...;> ?; <br />Cj <br />c::::I 3: <br />Q') <br /> m <br /> !!I <br /> z <br /> G> <br /> <br />Ms. Laura Moy, Clerk <br />Town ofTecumseh <br />Committee of Acljustment <br />917 Lesperance Road <br />Tecumseh, Ontario <br />N8N 1 W9 <br /> <br />Dear Ms. Moy: <br /> <br />RE: ZBA. North Side of County Road No. 42. West of Ban well Road. MunidÞal <br />Number 10672 COUDb' Road No. 42 <br /> <br />Please be advised that the County has reviewed the aforementioned application and we <br />are providing your office with our comments. The subject lands have fi:'ontage on County <br />Road No. 42. The County of Essex is requesting the opportunity to comment dwing the site <br />plan approval process for this property in order to ensure that our Concerns are addressed as <br />they pertaín to County Road No. 42, The Applicant will be required to comply wíth the <br />following County Road regulations: <br /> <br />County By-Law Nmnber 2481 - A By-Law to Provide for the Protection of <br />Highways and to Provide for the Installation of Entrance Ways. <br /> <br />County By-Law Number 2480 - A By-Law of the Corporation of the County of <br />Essex to Regulate the Location of Buildings and Structures on L.and Adjacent to <br />County Roads. <br /> <br />The minimum setback for any proposed structures on this property must be 85 feet <br />from the center of the original ROW of County Road 42. Applications must be filed <br />with the County to obtain the necessary permits for any changes to existing entrances <br />and structures. or the construction ofilew entrances and structures. <br /> <br />We are requesting a copy of the Decision of the aforementioned appliçations. Thank- <br />you for your assistance and cooperation in this matter. <br /> <br /> <br />360 Faîrview Avenue West, Suite 302. Essex. Ontario N8M 1Y6 - (519) 776-6441 Ex!. 329 - Fax (519) 776-1253 <br />emaÎI: <br />