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<br />F. MPP Dwight Duncan April 16 2007 Re Drinking water quality management standards <br /> <br />G. Knights of Columbus #4375 April 16 2007 Re 2007 Corn Festival Tent <br /> <br />Ontario Municipal Board April 17 2007 Fairplay Woods 12th Concession Re Granting <br />H. adjournment of hearing event and scheduling of prehearing teleconference date and time. <br /> <br />I. Workshop for Heritage Committees Municipal Council and Staff <br /> <br />Corn Festival Commmittee Chairperson April 16 2007 Re 2007 Corn Festival Event request <br />J. for use of Lacasse Park <br /> <br />Corn Festival Committee Chairperson April 16 2007 Re Request to use municipal parking <br />K. lots <br /> <br />L Cultural Mapping Workshop May 11 2007 <br /> <br />XI. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br /> <br />Tecumseh Police Services Board March 82007 <br /> <br />Planning Committee April 10 2007 <br /> <br />Public Works & Environmental Services Committee Minutes April 1 02007 <br /> <br />XII. REPORTS <br /> <br />Director Staff Services I Clerk April 12 2007 Re Tecumseh Minor Baseball Special Event <br />Application <br /> <br />Fire Chief April 24 2007 Re Approval to Purchase Squad Vehicle <br /> <br />XIII. BY -LAWS <br /> <br />XIV. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />XV. NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />XVI. MOTIONS <br /> <br />Confirmatory Bylaw 2007 29 <br /> <br />XVII. NOTICES OF MOTIONS <br /> <br />XVIII. ADJOURNMENT <br />