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<br />TOWN OF TECUMSEH <br /> <br />COUNCIL MEETING: (RCM) <br /> <br />May 22, 2007 <br />19:00 Hours (7:00 p.m.) <br />Council Chambers <br />917 Lesperance Road <br /> <br />SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA <br /> <br />9.9 DELEGATIONS <br />Mike Cowan and Rick Elliot, BDO Dunwoody Re: 2006 Year End <br /> <br />9.10 COMMUNICATIONS <br />D. Tecumseh O.P.P., May 20,2007 Re: Purchase of Two Mountain Bikes <br />E. Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the County of Essex Class <br />Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Design Re: County Road 19 <br />(Manning Road) and County Road 22 Improvements Notice of Public <br />InfOlmation Centre <br />