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<br /> <br />.. ................_..__ ... ···....,,·.···.......·........._hn......__.. <br /> <br />_.._.._._....~....- -...... <br /> <br />Corporation (~r <br />Director <br /> <br /> <br />Service,s/Clerk <br /> <br />S: Brennan, B.A., C/'vl.0. <br />DireCTOr ofCmll1cil Services/Clerk <br /> <br />//./0 <br /> <br />June 22,2007 <br /> <br /> <br />~ <br />~ <br /> <br />II <br />ml <br />z <br />ø <br /> <br />Mr. Dave Wake <br />Windsor Project Co-ordinator <br />Ministry of Transportation <br />Windsor Border Initiatives Implementation Group <br />Planning Office <br />659 Exeter Road - 2nd Floor <br />London, Ontario <br />N6E 1L3 <br /> <br />c- <br />C< <br />;;;Q <br /> <br />~ <br />CD <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Wake: <br /> <br />Re: Essex County Council Resolution Re: Detroit River International Crossing Studv <br /> <br />The following resolution was adopted by Essex County Council on June 20th, 2007: <br /> <br />Moved by Mr. Burton <br />Seconded by Mr. Baxter <br />WHEREAS the County of Essex has been engaged in the Detroit River International <br />Crossing Study; and <br />WHEREAS the Detroit River International Crossing Study has established a series of <br />Practical Alternatives within the Area of Continued Analysis; <br />THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the County of Essex isfÚlly supportive of the DRIC <br />process and further supportive of the focus of DRIC 's undertakings to develop <br />and analyze Practical Alternatives within the identified Area of Continued <br />Analysis; <br />AND FURTHER that the analyses of the Practical Alternatives include a comprehensive <br />revie'w of all tunnelling options within the Area of Continued Analysis, as the <br />County of Essex believes that tunnelling is the least intrusive design option for the <br />highway corridor and can provide significant benefits over other options being <br />considered; <br />AND FURTHER that the design of the Hwy #3/401/County Road 9 (Howard Avenue) <br />Interchange be re-evaluated to provide significant improvements to its current <br />proposed alternatives focusing on improving regional mobility; <br /> <br />..,2 <br /> <br />360 Fairview Ave. West, Essex, Ontario N8M IY6·· (519) 776-6441 Ext. 335 - Fax 9) 776-4455 <br />E-maiL mbrennan@countyofessexonca <br />