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<br />Town of Tecumseh <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />August 12, 2008 <br />Time: 7:00 pm <br />Location: Tecumseh Town Hall <br /> <br />MEETING: <br /> <br />I. CALL TO ORDER - Mayor <br /> <br />II. PRAYER - Clerk <br /> <br />III. ROLL CALL & DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST AND GENERAL NATURE THEREOF <br /> <br />IV. MINUTES <br /> <br />Regular Council Meeting July 22 2008 <br /> <br />V. SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA ADOPTION <br /> <br />VI. WRITE-OFFS <br /> <br />VII. TENDERS <br /> <br />VIII. DELEGATIONS <br /> <br />John McGivney Childrens Centre Aria Peters President Marcela Diaz John McGivney Steve <br />Payne Board Members Re Lease Signing with Windsor Essex District Catholic School Board <br /> <br />IX. COMMUNICATIONS <br /> <br />Township of Muskoka Lakes July 8 2008 Resolution Re Municipal Property Assessment <br />A. Corporation <br /> <br />B. Township of Hilliard July 182008 Resolution Re Zenn Electric Cars Licensed in Ontario <br />County of Essex July 21 2008 Re Linking Parkway Recreational Trails and Chrysler Canada <br />C. Greenway <br /> <br />D. Minister for Democratic Reform Mr Peter Van Loan Re Bill C 22 <br /> <br />E. Association of Municipalities of Ontario July 22 2008 Re COMRIF <br /> <br />F. Committee of Adjustment Agenda August 182008 <br /> <br />X. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />