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<br />Town of Tecuƒseh <br />Sþecial ColJncilMeeting <br />April 7, 2008 <br />Time: 5:00 pm <br />Location: Town Hall <br /> <br />MEETING: <br /> <br />I. Call to Order <br /> <br />II. Roll Call <br /> <br />III. Disclosure of Interest and General NatUre Thereof <br /> <br />IV. Introduction and Purpose of Meeting <br /> <br />The purpose of the meeting is to review the draft 2008 Budget. <br /> <br />V. Delegations <br /> <br />VI. COmmunications <br /> <br />A Paul Morand Apríl1 2008 Re Committee of Adjustn1.nt <br /> <br />VII. Reports <br /> <br />Draft 2008 Budget (Previously circulated under separate cover) <br />VIII. Adjournment <br />