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TOWN OF TECUMSEH <br />Special Meeting of Council <br />December 22, 2005 <br />Tinte: 5:00 p.m. <br />Location: Tecumseh Town Hall <br />AGENDA <br />I. Call to Order -Mayor <br />II. Roll Call - Clerlc <br />III. Disclosure of Interest and General Nature Thereof <br />IV. Introduction and Furpose of Meeting <br />V. Delegations <br />VI. Communications <br />VII. Reports <br />A. Fire Chief December 17, 2008 Report No. 16-OS Re: Fire Fn~ine <br />Equipped with Comitressed Air :Foam System (OAFS) <br />B. Director Financial Services/Treasurer, December 22, 2005 Report No. 17-OS <br />Re: Administrative Fees and Charees 2009 <br />VIII. Adjournment <br />