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Ministry of MuniciPal Affairs and Housing - Re Braiding Cultural <br />Bridges Conference February 5 2009 <br />J, Ontario Good Roads Association / Rural Ontario Municipal <br />Association - Re 2009 Conference February 22 - 25 2009 <br />K, Ontario Municipal Board - Re Appointment for Hearing January <br />28 2009 Minor Variance 387 Michael Drive <br />LNotice of Intention to Remove Holding H .one Symbol -Re <br />Affecting 13158 Tecumseh Rd, Tecumseh Business Plaza <br />,2( 007) Inc <br />M, Committee of Adjustmient Agenda - January 19 2009 <br />Vill, COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />Police Services Board Minutes - November 13 2008 <br />Public Works Corns-nittee Minutes - Decernbe', 9 2008 <br />I. REPORTS <br />& Manager Planning Services Senior Planner - January 9 2009 <br />Report No 36 08 Re Ontario Municipal Board Hearing Lebouef <br />.Minor Variance Appeal 387 Michael Drive <br />X. - <br />Bylaw 2009 01 - Being a bylaw to provide for retail business <br />establishments to be open on holidays in the Town of Tecumseh <br />Bylaw 2009 02 - Being a bylaw to arrend By law 1746 the Towns <br />Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw for those lands in the former Town of <br />Tecumseh Removal of Holding Zone Symbol H Tecumseh <br />Business Plaza 2007 /tic 13158 Tecumseh Rd <br />Bylaw 2009 03 - Being a bylaw to amend Bylaw 815 18 the Towns <br />Coirlorehensive Zoning Bylaw for those lands in the former <br />Township of Sandwich South - Fainlane Developments Inc Fairlane <br />Towne Centre 1614 Lesperance Road <br />Bylaw 2009 04 - Being a bylaw to expropriate lands required for <br />municipal put -poses <br />Bylaw 2009 0103 - Being a bylaw to confirm and appoint certain <br />officers, servants and employees of the Corporation of the Town of <br />Tecumseh <br />Bylaw 2009 06 - Being a bylaw to appoint Members to the <br />Tecumseh Corn Festival Committee for the Year 2009 <br />Bylaw 2009 07 - Being a bylaw to appoint members to the <br />Tecumseh <br />, cumseh Heritage Coa7mittee for the year 2009 <br />Bylaw 2009 08 - Being a bylaw to appoint the inem1bei-s to the <br />Cultural and Arts Advisory Clon7mitfee for the year, 20019 <br />