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IX. REPORTS <br />A. Director Staff Services Clerk January 22 2009 Report No 01 09 <br />- Re BIA Board of Management Vacancy Appointments <br />B. Director Staff Services Clerk January 22 2009 Report No 02 09 <br />- Re 2009 Conferences and Seminars <br />C. Director Public Works and Environmental Services January 1 <br />2009 Report No 03 09 - Re Amendments Facility Use <br />Application Forms Policies Terms and Conditions and Facility <br />Use Agreement <br />D. Area Manager Recreation Programs Events January 20 2009 <br />Report No 02 09 - Re 2009 National Child Benefit NCB <br />Reinvestment Fund <br />E. Area Manager Building Services Chief Building Official January <br />23 2009 Report No 07 09 - Re 1415 Lesperance Road - Illegal <br />Sign <br />X. BY-LAWS <br />Bylaw 2009 12 - Being a bylaw to amend Bylaw No 2007 04 being <br />a bylaw to appoint directors to the Board of Management for the <br />Business Improvement Area <br />Bylaw 2009 13 - A bylaw to regulate Parks <br />XI. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />Unfinished Business - January 27 2009 <br />XII. NEW BUSINESS <br />XIII. MOTIONS <br />Bylaw 2009 14 - Being a bylaw to confirm the proceedings of the <br />January 27 2009 regular meeting of the Council of The Corporation <br />of the Town of Tecumseh <br />XIV. NOTICE OF MOTIONS <br />XV. NEXT MEETING <br />QTJWill 11!,16111 N 011 LVA 01111 <br />FA <br />