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G. Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, July 6, 2009 - Re: <br />Harmonized Sales Tax <br />H. Electrical Safety Authority, July 2009 - Re: New Fee Schedule <br />Announcement, Effective September 8, 2009 <br />I. City of Windsor - Re: Notice of the Passing of a Zoning By-law <br />by the Corporation of the City of Windsor <br />J. Committee of Adjustment Agenda - July 20, 2009 <br />VIII. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />Planning and Building Services Committee - June 23, 2009 <br />Corn Festival Committee - May 21, 2009 <br />Corn Festival Committee - June 18, 2009 <br />Tecumseh Business Improvement Association - June 10, 2009 <br />IX. REPORTS <br />A. Area Manager, Parks and Horticulture, May 29, 2009, Report <br />No. 42/09 <br />Re: 2009 Capital Parks Projects <br />B. Area Manager, Parks and Horticulture, June 12, 2009, Report <br />No. 43/09 <br />Re: Dog Park Improvements - Carling Park and Dog Park <br />Installation - Tecumseh Arena <br />C. Development Coordinator, June 15, 2009, Report No. 26/09 <br />Re: Registration of Municipal Work Orders <br />D. Director, Staff Services / Clerk, July 2, 2009, Report No. 26/09 <br />Re: Windsor Regional Cancer Centre - Running from Cancer <br />Marathon, July 26, 2009, Temporary Road Closure Special <br />Event Application <br />E. Director, Public Works and Environmental Services, June 16, <br />2009, Report No. 45/09 <br />Re: Speed Limit Reduction - County Road 9 (Howard Ave) <br />F. Director, Public Works and Environmental Services, June 18, <br />2009, Report No. 46/09 <br />Re: Modification to the Grade Crossing Warning System, <br />Installation of a Pre-empting Signal to the Traffic Signals at the <br />Intersection of Lesperance and Tecumseh Roads, Mileage <br />99.31 Chatham Subdivision <br />G. Manager, Engineering Services, July 10, 2009, Report No. <br />50/09 <br />Re: St. Alphonse Avenue Reconstruction - TenderAward <br />H. Area Manager, Public Works, July 3, 2009, Report No. 49/09 <br />Re: 2009 Sidewalk Tender Award <br />I. Junior Planner, July 7, 2009, Report No. 29/09 <br />Re: Mr. & Mrs. Reyner, Vacant land north of 6610 6th <br />Concession Road - Rezoning as Condition of Consent for <br />Surplus Dwelling Lot - 12R23835, Part 2 <br />FA <br />