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Town of Tecumseh <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />! Tuesday, September 22, 2009 <br />W.L <br />7:00 PM <br />Tecumseh Town Hall <br />r: aw :iv--jras_n c A <br />MEETING: <br />I. CALL TO ORDER - Mayor <br />11��:7e\'I�:aNCa77 <br />III. ROLL CALL & DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST <br />IV. MINUTES <br />Regular Council Meeting - September 8, 2009 <br />V. SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA ADOPTION <br />VI. DELEGATIONS <br />A. Nicole Caza and Krystal Kabol, Dillon Consulting Ltd. <br />Re: Shawnee Road and Arbour Street Area Improvements <br />B. Beth Noakes, Executive Director and Gerry Crum, President <br />Re: International Dragon Boat Festival <br />C. Don Lappan - Re: Cat Control <br />VII. COMMUNICATIONS <br />A. Land Use Council, August 18, 2009 - Re: Appeal to Delay <br />Legislative Approval of Species Habitat Regulations <br />B. Norfolk County Tourism & Economic Development, September <br />11, 2009 - Re: Ontario's South Coast Tourism Region <br />C. Union Gas, September 14, 2009 - Re: Ontario Energy Board <br />Application and Notice <br />J/II Weis] LVA LVA 111i94=111LVA ll01 Lill I*� <br />A. Public Works & Environmental Services Committee - <br />September 8, 2009 <br />B. Police Services Board - September 10, 2009 <br />IX. REPORTS <br />A. Director, Staff Services / Clerk, September 14, 2009, Report No. <br />32/09 - Re: Closing of Public Road Allowance, Manning Road, <br />North of Riverside Drive <br />