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VIII. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />A. Planning and Building Services Committee - October 27, 2009 <br />B. Police Services Board - November 2, 2009 <br />C. Health & Safety Advisory Committee - November 3, 2009 <br />IX. REPORTS <br />A. <br />Director, Staff Services / Clerk, October 30, 2009, Report No. <br />38/09 - Re: 2010 Council & Committee Meeting Schedule <br />B. <br />Director, Staff Services / Clerk, October 30, 2009, Report No. <br />39/09 - Re: 2010 Christmas Holidays, Closure of Tecumseh <br />Town Hall Offices <br />C. <br />Deputy Clerk, November 2, 2009, Report No. 40/09 - Re: 2010 <br />Conferences and Seminars <br />D. <br />Director, Financial Services / Treasurer, October 18, 2009, <br />Report No. 21/09 - Re: Budget Variance Report - August 31, <br />2009 <br />E. <br />Director, Planning & Building Services, November 3, 2009, <br />Report No. 37/09 - Re: Canada Ontario Affordable Housing <br />Program 2009 Extension <br />F. <br />Junior Planner, November 4, 2009, Report No. 38/09 <br />Re: Proposed Ground Sign - 12329 Tecumseh Road, <br />Encroachment Agreement and Sign By-law Relief <br />X. BY-LAWS <br />A. Bylaw 2009-78 - A By-law to amend By-law No. 2008-69 <br />governing the proceedings of Council and its committees, the <br />conduct of its members and the calling of meetings <br />B. Bylaw 2009-79 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a <br />Banking Services Agreement between The Corporation of the <br />Town of Tecumseh and Windsor Family Credit Union <br />XI. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />Unfinished Business List - November 10, 2009 <br />XII. NEW BUSINESS <br />XIII. MOTIONS <br />Bylaw 2009-80 - Being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the <br />November 10, 2009 regular meeting of the Council of The <br />Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh <br />XIV. NOTICE OF MOTIONS <br />XV. NEXT MEETING <br />XVI. ADJOURNMENT <br />FA <br />