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Town of Tecumseh <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />Tuesday, April 13, 2010 <br />4k k*1 W.L <br />7:00 PM <br />Tecumseh Town Hall <br />r: aw :iv--jras_n c A <br />MEETING: <br />I. CALL TO ORDER - Mayor <br />11��:7e\'I�:aNCa77 <br />III. ROLL CALL & DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST <br />IV. MINUTES <br />Regular Council Meeting - March 23, 2010 <br />V. SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA ADOPTION <br />VI. DELEGATIONS <br />A. Larry Verbeke, Essex County Federation of Agriculture <br />Re: Issues Affecting The Agricultural Community <br />B. Dillon Consulting Limited - Re: Manning Road Environmental <br />Assessments <br />VII. COMMUNICATIONS <br />A. <br />Gary Martin, Fish & Wildlife Legislation Specialist, Ministry of <br />Natural Resources, April 1, 2010 - Re: Sunday Gun Hunting <br />within the Town of Tecumseh <br />B. <br />Corporation of the Town of Kingsville, March 19, 2010 <br />Re: Proposed Offshore Wind Turbines in Lakes Erie and St. <br />Clair <br />C. <br />The Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore, April 6, 2010 <br />Re: Waste From Ontario Municipalities <br />D. <br />Trillium Gift of Life Network - Re: Organ and Tissue Donor <br />Awareness Week, April 18-25, 2010 <br />E. <br />Essex Region Conservation Authority, March 29, 2010 <br />Re: Essex Region Source Protection Area - Proposed <br />Assessment Report <br />F. <br />Association of Municipalities of Ontario, April 12, 2010 <br />Re: Joint and Several Liability Reform in Ontario <br />VIII. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />A. Planning and Building Services Committee - March 23, 2010 <br />