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IX. REPORTS <br />A. Director, Public Works and Environmental Services, July 2, <br />2010, Report No. 39/10 - Re: Minimum Maintenance Standards <br />Litigation Fund <br />B. Director, Staff Services / Clerk, July 27, 2010, Report No. 13/10 <br />Re: Taxi Cab Owner License Limitation <br />C. Manager, Engineering Services, July 19, 2010, Report No. <br />42/10 - Re: Gouin Drain, Request for Repair and Improvement, <br />Section 78, Drainage Act <br />D. Deputy Treasurer / Tax Collector, July 15, 2010, Report No. <br />10/10 - Re: Taxes Receivable - June 2010 <br />E. Area Manager of Building Services, Chief Building Official, July <br />19, 2010, Report No. 21 /10 - Re: Regular HVAC Maintenance <br />Services for the Town of Tecumseh <br />X. BY-LAWS <br />A. Bylaw 2010-51 - Being a by-law to provide for the repair and <br />improvements to the lower portion of the East Town Line Drain <br />B. Bylaw 2010-52 - Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an <br />Agreement between The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh <br />and Fr. Nicholas Point Council No. 4375 Knights of Columbus <br />XI. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />Unfinished Business List - July 27, 2010 <br />XII. NEW BUSINESS <br />XIII. MOTIONS <br />Bylaw 2010-53 - Being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the <br />July 27, 2010 regular meeting of the Council of The Corporation of <br />the Town of Tecumseh <br />XIV. NOTICE OF MOTIONS <br />XV. NEXT MEETING <br />XVI. ADJOURNMENT <br />FA <br />