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D. Director, Staff Services /Clerk, January 25, 2011, Report No. <br />04/11 - Re: Accessibility Initiatives Undertaken for 2010 <br />Municipal Election <br />E. Director, Information Systems, January 11, 2011, Report No. <br />01/11 - Re: Social Media <br />F. Development Officer, September 17, 2010, Report No. 27/10 <br />Re: Fencing By-law Amendment -Obstructions to line of sight <br />due to hedges and/or rows of trees <br />G. Director, Staff Services /Clerk, January 25, 2011, Report No. <br />05/11 - Re: Windsor Essex Parkway, Ministry of Transportation <br />Land Acquisitions, One Foot Reserve - Mero Avenue, <br />Tecumseh <br />X. BY-LAWS <br />A. Bylaw 2011-09 - A By-law to appoint directors to the Board of <br />Management for the Business Improvement Area for the term of <br />Tecumseh Council ending December 1, 2014 <br />B. Bylaw 2011-10 - Being a by-law to amend By-law No. 2003-57, <br />being a by-law providing for the regulation of fencing within the <br />Town <br />C. Bylaw 2011-11 - Being a by-law to deem one-third of the <br />remuneration paid to Members of Council to be for expenses <br />incident to the discharge of the Members' duties <br />D. Bylaw 2011-12 - Being a by-law to appoint signing authorities <br />for the financial affairs of The Corporation of the Town of <br />Tecumseh <br />E. Bylaw 2011-13 - Being a by-law to appoint members to the <br />Tecumseh Heritage Committee <br />XI. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />Unfinished Business List -January 25, 2011 <br />XII. NEW BUSINESS <br />XIII. MOTIONS <br />Bylaw 2011-14 - Being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of the <br />January 25, 2011 regular meeting of the Council of The Corporation <br />of the Town of Tecumseh <br />XIV. NOTICE OF MOTIONS <br />XV. NEXT MEETING <br />XVI. ADJOURNMENT <br />z <br />