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Communication -Action Required <br />J. Town of Amherstburg, June 15, 2011 Re: Bruce Crozier <br />Memorial Highway Naming -Essex Corridor Highway No. 3 <br />Recommendation: -THAT Communications A through J on the <br />June 28, 2011 Regular Council Agenda be received. <br />Recommendation: THAT Council give consideration to support <br />of Communication J from the Town of Amherstburg requesting <br />the Province of Ontario to rename Highway No. 3 as the Bruce <br />Crozier Memorial Highway in recognition of his representation <br />as a MemberofProvincial Parliament. <br />VIII. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />A. Policies and Priorities -May 24, 2011 <br />B. Planning and Building Services Committee -May 24, 2011 <br />C. Corn Festival Committee -May 26, 2011 <br />IX. REPORTS <br />Staff Services <br />A. Director, Staff Services /Clerk, June 28, 2011, Report No. 22/11 <br />Re: Amending Purchase and Sale Agreement, Reichmann <br />Acquisition Corporation (RAC), 3.1 Acres, North Side of <br />Riverside Drive <br />B. Director, Staff Services /Clerk, June 28, 2011, Report No. 23/11 <br />Re: Farm Lease Agreement, 2011-2013 Crop Years, 4371 <br />Manning Road <br />Financial Services <br />C. Director, Financial Services /Treasurer, June 20, 2011, Report <br />No. 11 /11 - Re: 2010 Year End Budget Variance Report <br />D. Director, Financial Services /Treasurer, June 20, 2011, Report <br />No. 12/11 - Re: Budget Variance Report as at March 31, 2011 <br />E. Director, Planning and Building Services, June 15, 2011, Report <br />No. 16/11 - Re: County Wide Active Transportation Master Plan <br />(CWATS Plan), Draft Final Report, Apri12011 <br />Planning and Building Services <br />F. Manager, Planning Services /Senior Planner, June 21, 2011, <br />Report No. 19/11 - Re: Dedicated Gas Tax Funds for Public <br />Transportation Program, MTO Letter of Agreement <br />G. Area Manager, Building Services /Chief Building Official, June <br />20, 2011, Report No. 17/11 - Re: 2010 Outstanding By-law <br />Complaints Report <br />H. Junior Planner, June 20, 2011, Report No. 18/11 - Re: Arie <br />Logistics Inc. -East Side of Roscon Industrial Drive (Part 2, <br />12R-14085) Site Plan Control Agreement, Revisions to <br />Schedule '8' -Site Plan <br />z <br />