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IX. COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />A. Heritage Committee -July 26, 2011 <br />B. War of 1812 Advisory Committee -August 2, 2011 <br />C. Corn Festival Committee -August 2, 2011 <br />D. Joint Health & Safety Advisory Committee -July 22, 2011 <br />X. REPORTS <br />Chief Administrative Officer <br />A. Chief Administrative Officer, August 1, 2011, Report No. 05/11 <br />Re: Strategic Planning Priorities -Update <br />Staff Services <br />B. Director, Staff Services /Clerk, August 9, 2011, Report No. 27/11 <br />Re: Request for Noise By-law Exemption, Beach Grove Golf & Country <br />Club <br />C. Director, Staff Services /Clerk, August 9, 2011, Report No. 28/11 <br />Re: Tecumseh Business Improvement Area (BIA) Board of <br />Management <br />Parks and Recreation Services <br />D. Director, Parks and Recreation Services, August 9, 2011, Report No. <br />24/11 - Re: Carling Park Petition, Re-establish Leash Free Zone <br />Planning and Building Services <br />E. Director, Planning and Building Services, August 2, 2011, Report No. <br />24/11 - Re: Dasilva Commercial Lands - 12309 Tecumseh Road, Site <br />Plan Control Agreement Amendment <br />F. Area Manager, Building Services /Chief Building Official, August 2, <br />2011, Report No. 25/11 - Re: Report Replacement Fence - 14250 <br />Riverside Drive and Brighton Beach Park <br />Financial Services <br />G. Deputy Treasurer /Tax Collector, July 27, 2011, Report No. 13/11 <br />Re: Taxes Receivable -June 2011 <br />H. Deputy Treasurer /Tax Collector, July 29, 2011, Report No. 14/11 <br />Re: 2012 Budget Timetable & Consultation <br />Public Works and Environmental Services <br />I. Manager, Engineering Services, June 10, 2011, Report No. 18/11 <br />Re: Rainfall Event June 5 & 6, 2010 and Sanitary Sewer Assessment <br />Report <br />J. Manager, Roads and Fleet, July 4, 2011, Report No. 25/11 <br />Re: 2011 Supply of Four (4) Zero Turn Mowers and One (1) Skid Steer <br />Loader <br />z <br />