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Ontario <br /> <br /> <br />Ministry of <br />Municipal Affairs <br />and Housing <br /> <br />Regional Operations Branch <br /> <br />495 Richlnond Street, 7th Floor <br />London ON N6A 5A9 <br />519-673-1611 <br />Fax: 519-661-1677 <br />Toll Frce: 1-800-265-4736 <br /> <br /> <br />December 19, 1997 <br /> <br />Mr. John H. Curran <br />Chief Administrative Officer & Clerk <br />County of Essex <br />360 Fairview Avenue West <br />Essex ON N8M 1Y6 <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Curran: <br /> <br />Attached please find a copy of a signed Minister's Order made under Section 25.2 of the <br />Municipal Act, which gives effect to the County of Essex Municipal Restructuring Proposal <br />effective November 19, 1997. <br /> <br />Also attached is a sketch map of the restructuring. <br /> <br />The Order appeared in The Ontario Gazette on December 6, 1997. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />Peter Jackson <br />Manager <br />Southwestern Regional Office <br /> <br />Attachment <br /> <br /> <br />