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1 SUMMARY REPORTS FOR MUNICIPALITIES Report This report is a summary of water quality information for the Amherstburg WTF, published in accordance with Schedule 22 of Ontario’s Drinking-Water <br />Systems Regulation for the reporting period of January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2003. The Amherstburg WTF is categorized as a Large Municipal Residential Drinking Water System. This report <br />was prepared by The Ontario Clean Water Agency on behalf of The Corporation of the Town of Amherstburg. Who gets a copy of the Report? • in the case of a drinking-water system owned <br />by a municipality, the members of the municipal council; • in the case of a drinking-water system owned by a municipal service board established under section 195 of the Municipal Act, <br />2001, the members of the municipal service board; or • in the case of a drinking-water system owned by a corporation, the board of directors of the corporation. What must the Report <br />contain? The report must, (a) list the requirements of the Act, the regulations, the system’s ?system’s approval and any order that the system failed to meet at any time during the <br />period covered by the report and specify the duration of the failure; and (b) for each failure referred to in clause (a), describe the measures that were taken to correct the failure. <br />The following table lists the requirements that the system failed to meet and the measures taken to correct the failure: Drinking Water Legislation List the requirement(s) the system <br />failed to meet Specify the duration of the failure (i.e. date(s)) Describe the measures taken to correct the failure Status (complete or outstanding) Safe Drinking Water Act None to <br />report Filter effluent turbidity chart recorder broken down. O.Reg 170/03 6-5 (1) for Continuous Monitoring: 1(ii): record the date, time, sampling location and result of every test <br />for the parameter. June 1, 2003 – Dec. 21, 2003 Purchase two Endress and Hauser Units for filter effluent turbidity recording. Completed Ontario Regulations (eg. O.Reg 170/03, O.Reg <br />435/93, O.Reg 903 HPC for treated water was not tested on weekly basis. O.Reg 170/03 10-3 for treated samples: The owner of a drinking-water system and the operating authority for the <br />system shall ensure that a water sample is taken at least once every week and tested for: (c): general bacteria population expressed as background colony counts on the total coliform <br />membrane filter or as colony counts on a heterotrophic plate count. June 1, 2003 – July 3, 2003 1. Issued a memo on June 24, 2003 for HPC weekly test requirement for treated water. 2. <br />Corrected since July 4, 2003. Completed <br /> <br />2 Missing sampling for Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA) Cof A 2.1(g): (i) samples of treated water from the point of entrance to the distribution system annually for Nitrilotriacetic Acid <br />(NTA); Annually 2003 1. Create a Work Order for NTA annual sampling in Work Management System (WMS) to avoid sampling missing again; 2. Staff review sampling schedule. 3. Re-sample on <br />Feb. 16, 2004. Completed System Certificate of Approval #8120-53VMF5 Missing testing free chlorine residual for backwash wastewater and sampling. Cof A 2.1(g): (ii) samples of the backwash <br />/wastewater treatment facilities’ effluent for Suspended Solids and Free Chlorine monthly. 1. January – May and July 2003 for missing testing free chlorine residual; 2. November 2003 <br />for missing monthly sampling. Re-issue the Standard Operation Procedure for backwash /wastewater sampling and request staff review and signoff to avoid sampling missing again. Completed <br />Provincial Officer’s Order #163-011 Reservoir leaking OWRA 30(1): Every person that discharge or cause or permits the discharge of any material of any kind into or in any waters or on <br />any shore or bank… OWRA 30(2): Every person that discharge or cause or permits the discharge of any material of any kind, and such discharge is not in normal course of events… From February <br />3, 2003 to March 3, 2003 1. Installed a temporary de-chlorination unit to treat the reservoir discharge to the Detroit River by March 3, 2003. 2. The de-chlorination unit had been to <br />be kept in operation until the reservoir has been repaired. 3. The de-chlorination system had been operated by certified employees and maintained by qualified staff. 4. Daily grab samples <br />of the outfall had been taken for both total and free chlorine residual. Completed By due date March 3, 2003. What else must the Report contain? The report must also include the following <br />information for the purpose of enabling the owner of the system to assess the capability of the system to meet existing and planned uses of the system: 1. A summary of the quantities <br />and flow rates of the water supplied during the period covered by the report, including monthly average and maximum daily flows and daily instantaneous peak flow rates. Attached please <br />find a copy of the Process Data Report for Amherstburg WTF which contains all required flow information. <br /> <br />3 2. A comparison of the summary referred to in paragraph 1 to the rated capacity and flow rates approved in the system’s approval. By comparison, the rated capacity and flow rates did <br />not exceed the requirement. Flow Maximum Daily Flow Requirement Maximum Flow Rate Requirement Annual Maximum in 2003 (per day) Maximum amount taken per day Annual Maximum (per minute) <br />Maximum amount taken per minute Raw Flow 20,280,000 l/d 22,900,000 l/d Permit to Take Water (#02-P-1254) 14,083 l/min 15,903 l/min Permit to Take Water (#02-P-1254) Treated Flow 15,070 <br />m3/d 18,184 m3/d Cof A --When Does the Report Get Submitted? If a report is prepared for a system that supplies water to a municipality under the terms of a contract, the owner of the <br />system shall give a copy of the report to the municipality by March 31. End <br /> <br />Page 1 of 1 2/26/2004 d_monthlyprocessrep Year: Design Avg Day Flow(m³): 2003 8,177 Ontario Clean Water Agency Monthly Process Data Report Parameter Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep <br />Oct Nov Dec Summary Municipality: Facility: Works: Classification Water Source: Town of Amherstburg formely ( Twp of Malden, Twp of Anderdon, Town of Amherstburg) [210000149] -Amherstburg <br />Water Treatment Plant & Distribution System Class 3 Water Distribution, Class 4 Water Treatment Detroit River [5819] -Amherstburg Water Treatment Plant & Distribution System Population <br />Serviced: 20,599 Raw Water/Flows Raw Flow: Sum (m3/d) Avg: 12,744.323 12,454.286 12,018.387 12,478.5 11,694.935 12,408.333 13,047.742 11,511.935 10,537.067 9,750.968 9,037.5 9,515.0 <br />11,428.34 Min: 12,090.0 10,510.0 9,390.0 9,930.0 9,980.0 1,090.0 9,860.0 8,680.0 6,800.0 6,820.0 7,250.0 1,009.0 1,009.0 Max: 14,404.0 14,070.0 14,040.0 15,140.0 14,080.0 20,280.0 17,440.0 <br />15,190.0 13,430.0 13,070.0 10,420.0 10,410.0 20,280.0 Treated Water/Flows Treated Flow (m3/d)Avg: 7,918.387 8,288.571 8,340.645 8,744.333 9,804.194 11,141.467 12,189.355 10,659.032 9,866.667 <br />8,939.355 8,247.733 8,233.258 9,371.773 Min: 7,360.0 7,690.0 7,650.0 7,810.0 8,240.0 8,770.0 9,350.0 8,820.0 8,300.0 7,830.0 7,490.0 7,330.0 7,330.0 Max: 8,490.0 8,950.0 9,010.0 10,700.0 <br />12,270.0 14,420.0 15,070.0 12,100.0 12,770.0 10,530.0 8,960.0 10,120.0 15,070.0 Note: ? Calculation not verifiable. At least one result reported as < and at least one result reported <br />>. -1 Analysis result less than detectable limit <br /> <br />