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Ontario Clean Water Agency <br />YI Agence Ontarlenne Des Eaux <br />AririL all Summary Rlepod <br />Fe6uuar3l '12, 2015 <br />IIr tonietta Cliofu <br />Direaton of Engineening 81 Publia Works <br />( la rpa ration oil the flown o f Am t o rs tburg <br />H.O. Box '159 <br />27.1 .Iandwich St. S, <br />� Inn hesstbung, On to ria <br />H 9 V 2Z3 <br />De a r N rs. Giofu: <br />Re: Sails d oinking W ate ri Alai, O. Herr. 1170103 Sc t edule 23 Summary Resort <br />/ Ittached is the 2014 Slummary Report iloa the I Imherstburg VA atea Ire atm ent Plant. llhis rep art <br />has been complete c I t ased on the in loon ation obtained Tom the water ire a trnent plant rea a rc I s <br />and in accordance with 8checlrile 22 of O. Reg. '170103, tin cler tt a Safe gsinking Wate r Alct, whiat <br />sequiaes a Summary Deport to be prep a red not lateu than Manct 31t of eact ) lear for the <br />preceding calenc la n ye a r. Tt is aeport cor a rs the period of da r uary 1, 2014 to 13ecern ben 31, <br />20' 14. <br />Please nemem t a n tI at any Ondens tI at you have neaeived c lire a tly mom tI a N OE should [a <br />reviemied. VA he ie non-compliance viith the Clnclan is evident ar d it is not included in the attached <br />2014 Summary Report, then vie recommend tt at tt is info rrriation be added to ti a Stimmar l <br />Rep art. Note: Schedule le 224 (a) specifies that the s ummaryaeport is given to, in the car e of a <br />deinking water 31ptem owned by a nncinicipality, the m arrnt ere of the municipal aouncil for the <br />Town o f Amhens tt urgl, and is n a t intended ion die tribution to tt a N inis tri of the Envinonment. <br />/Ifter 1Iouu review and inalusion 4 a ny additional in fa rmation, this Summary Report is to be <br />provide (I to the membens of tt a municipal cot inail. Rleasa ansune this clistributian. <br />.Ie ction '12 c f Cl. Re 91. 170103, uequines tt a Sc i rn m a r) Report be m a cle avails t le ilon ins p action b) I <br />any m e m t e r o f tt a public duping norimal t Usines s hours, without cl a rge. TI a re p a rt s hould be <br />made aiiailable fan inspectian at the office of the municipality, or at a loaation that is reasonably <br />comienient to the tiee,is of the veaten syr torn. <br />Please find enclosed deport. II you haiie any questions, please feel free to contact Clperations <br />Managen, Clan Mitcl a II on myself at (519) 736-5447. <br />I'linceiely, <br />Dan Ravdins <br />Pra cess 81 t o rnp lianae 7e ahnician <br />E Im t ers tburg/LaSalle Cllus to r <br />Ontania Qleari W ater p Igencr 1 <br />