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Countv of <br />Essex <br />The Corporation of the County of Essex <br />By-Law Number 45-2O16 <br />A By-law to Authorize the Appointment of Robeft J. <br />Swayze as Integrity Commissioner for the Corporation of <br />the County of Essex. <br />Whereas Section 223 of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25 (the <br />"Act"), authorizes a municipality to appoint an Integrity Commissioner, who <br />reports to Council, to investigate in an independent manner the functions <br />assigned by the municipality with respect to: <br />r the application of the code of conduct for members of Council; and <br />. the application of any procedures, rules and policies of the municipality <br />governing the ethical behaviour of members of council and of local <br />boards or of either of them; <br />Now therefore the Council of the Corporation of the County of Essex hereby <br />enacts as folfows: <br />1) That the Corporation of the County of Essex hereby retains and <br />appoints Robert J. Swayze, Barrister & Solicitor, as Integrity <br />Commissioner for the Corporation of the County of Essex, pursuant to <br />Section 223 of the Act, for a two (2) year term commencing on <br />September 7, 2OL6 and ending on September 6, 2018, unless renewed <br />and/or extended by agreement of all the parties. <br />2) That the Warden and the Clerk be and the same are hereby authorized <br />to execute an agreement with Robert J. Swayze, on behalf of the <br />Corporation, for the agreed upon Integrity Commissioner services as <br />set out in the agreement whích is attached hereto, and affix the <br />Corporate Seal thereto. <br />This By-law shall come into force and take effect after the final passing.