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<br />TOWN OF TECUMSEH <br /> <br />COUNCIL MEETING: (RCM) <br /> <br />August 9,2005 <br />19:00 Hours (7:00 p.m.) <br />Cada Library Complex <br />13677 St. Gregory's Road <br /> <br />SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA <br /> <br />14.7 ACCOUNTS <br />Account Listing July 28 to August 4,2005 Re: Cheque Nos 28304 to 28415 <br /> <br />14.10 COMMUNICATIONS <br />For Information - Type "B" <br /> <br />I. Joie Jobin, August 5,2005 Re: Special Occasion Permit <br />J. Committee of Adjustment Agenda August 15,2005 <br /> <br />14.12 REPORTS <br />Bob Hamilton, Acting Deputy Fire Chief, July 25, 2005 Re: Open Air Burning By- <br />law <br /> <br />14.13 BY-LA WS <br />By-law No. 2005-57, being a by-law to regulate the setting of open air fires and <br />identify the precautions and conditions to be observed for such fires within the <br />Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh <br />