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Town of Tecumseh <br />Regular Council Meeting <br />Tuesday, June 22, 2010 <br />W.L <br />7:00 PM <br />Tecumseh Town Hall <br />r: aw :iv--jras_n c A <br />MEETING: <br />I. CALL TO ORDER - Mayor <br />11��:7e\'I�:aNCa77 <br />III. ROLL CALL & DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST <br />IV. MINUTES <br />Regular Meeting of Council - May 25, 2010 <br />V. SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA ADOPTION <br />VI. DELEGATIONS <br />A. Louis Gouin - Re: Senior of the Year Award <br />B. Race For The Cure - Re: Dragon Boat Race Update <br />C. Local Authority Services (LAS), Scott Vokey - Re: Best In Class <br />D. Presentation of the E.A. Danby Certificate of Merit <br />Re: Drinking Water Quality Management System <br />E. Watson & Associates - Re: Water & Wastewater Rates - <br />DWQMS Financial Plan <br />VII. COMMUNICATIONS <br />A. Local Authority Services Ltd. (LAS), June 2010 - Re: Municipal <br />Energy Performance Benchmarking Project <br />B. Connecting Windsor -Essex - Media Advisory - Re: Windsor <br />Essex County - Top 21 <br />C. AMCTO News Release, June 2010 - Re: Tecumseh Chief <br />Administrative Officer, AMCTO President <br />D. Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of <br />Ontario, May 21, 2010 - Re: In -House Development of Quality <br />Management System <br />E. Anna Law, June 10, 2010 - Re: Tecumseh Road and Southfield <br />Drive Traffic Signals <br />F. Tecumseh United Church, May 27, 2010 - Re: Annual Steak <br />Barbeque June 26, 2010 - Use of Picnic Tables and Garbage <br />Bins <br />